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Why Choose Medical Assisting?

October 4, 2013 General 0 Comments

Why Choose Medical AssistingThere are a few things you should consider if you’re interested in medical assisting. You can tell if it’s the right field for you if you are:

  • Passionate about healthcare
  • Able to work closely with physicians, patients and healthcare staff
  • Skilled at keeping things clean and organized
  • Comfortable with doing a variety of different things
  • Proficient with computers and other forms of technology

Does this sound like you? Whether or not you’re sure about the medical assisting field, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits. Below are two reasons why the medical assistant path might be a good fit for you.


Medical assisting can be enjoyable and engaging because there are so many different types of responsibilities. These responsibilities are usually distinguished by their clinical or administrative nature.

Medical assistants who spend a lot of time on clinical duties work closely with patients and physicians. In examination rooms, medical assistants take patient records and measure vital signs. Some medical assistants may be qualified to give injections, draw blood samples or perform other small procedures. After the physician sees the patient, medical assistants often provide instructions on treatment. They also clean the exam room and prepare it for the next exam.

Administrative work, however, does not require patient care, although it requires customer service. Medical assistants who do administrative tasks may update electronic health record (EHR), schedule patient appointments, handle insurance information, and more.


The variety of tasks means that medical assistants have a choice when it comes to the type of work they want to do. Those who don’t like the sight of blood, for example, can work on the administrative side. The type of duties that medical assistants perform depends on what their workplace needs and their experience or certification levels as well as their preferences. Some medical assistants may do both clinical and administrative tasks.

Medical assistants can also find different work environments in the industry. General physicians need medical assistants, but so do podiatrists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists and more. Those who are interested in pursuing a specific area can do so. 

Overall, medical assisting is a field with diverse opportunities that’s always evolving. See how you can get medical assistant training and prepare for the future.


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