Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

The Brown College Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is designed to help students gain skills in software or network development that can enable them to pursue opportunities in IT.

Brown's BS in Information Technology offers two distinct core paths – Network Development and Software Development. These separate paths are designed to give students who hold an associate level degree (in the same core emphasis of Network or Software) the opportunity to further develop their technical skills in that emphasis, plus gain new skills in technology and management theory.* Successful graduates will be expected to:

  • Explain systems development life cycles and outline the characteristics of each phase and/or workflow.
  • Understand the application of information systems including enterprise information systems and decision support systems.
  • Analyze problems within business organizations and develop information systems-based solutions.
  • Identify information technology resources that can be employed to create and sustain business competitive advantages and performance.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate, deploy and manage computer hardware and software.
  • Select appropriate administrative tasks to deploy, troubleshoot and maintain network operating systems.
  • Apply information technology industry standards to design, configure and implement network solutions.
  • Comprehend effective management, planning, organizing, implementing, controlling and evaluation of 
projects and personnel.

*Students transferring from other schools will need to check with the Registrar to make sure they have met all of Brown College’s General Education, A.A.S. Degree requirements, Transfer students will also need to check with the ICT Department Chair, to make sure they have met Brown College’s Core A.A.S. requirements, in order to qualify for the program with the same emphasis. Entering students will be required to complete all AAS degree requirements before entry into the Bachelor of Science program.

Brown's BS in Information Technology includes a set of shared classes, designed to provide IT management and theory skills that apply to those working in any area of the IT industry. Courses are led by instructors, many with real-world working experience in the IT industry.

  • In Mobile Technologies, students explore the latest wireless technologies in the networking industry, review wireless technologies currently used and
 discuss issues as well as future expectations of these technologies.
  • In Data Storage Management, concepts, applications, topologies and management of a Storage Area Network (SAN), which is a high- speed sub-network of shared storage devices, are explored.
  • In Information Systems Security, students examine the processes necessary
to define and design a Security Plan for an organization’s information technology infrastructure. Students will explore procedural areas for data, network and server security, as well as analyzing
risks to these systems.

Other core requirements in this program include:

  • Object-Oriented Analysis
  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Information Resource Management
  • Global Capstone/Internship
  • Leadership and Management
  • Human Resource Development

Course curriculum is subject to change.

Potential entry-level career opportunities for students who successfully complete the Brown College Bachelor of Science in Information Technology include:

  • Database Administrator
  • Database Analyst
  • Development Manager
  • E-learning Director
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Information Systems Business Analyst
  • Information Technologist
  • Information Technology Director
  • Network Engineer
  • Product Support Specialist
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Project Leader
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Software Development Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Designer
  • Web-hosting Sales Executive