Medical Billing Program

Medical Billing Program

Use your administrative skills to assist doctors and help patients.

In the rapidly growing healthcare field*, there are lots of ways to help others. If you're good with managing information and paying close attention to detail, you can use those skills to help people on their way to better health by earning an associate degree in Medical Billing from Brown College.

Patients need doctors and nurses to take care of them - but they also need patient, methodical, organized professionals who've been trained to handle the complexities of today's medical billing systems. After all, without accurate billing for services provided, the healthcare systems that patients depend on wouldn't work.

So even though you won't be taking temperatures or giving injections, the work you'll do is still important to patients' health and well-being. As a Medical Billing professional, you'll work directly with doctors, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers, playing a key role in helping them keep their offices running smoothly.

In addition to being a valuable skill in its own right, training in Medical Billing is a great stepping stone toward other roles in healthcare — for example, it can put you on the road to positions in healthcare management and administration.

The Medical Billing program at Brown College will help you with the terminology, computer skills, understanding of regulatory requirements, office procedures, and other knowledge you need for the medical billing field.

By the time you earn your Associate degree, you'll have the training to pursue positions at a wide range of healthcare establishments — from hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices, to insurance companies, law firms, and government health departments.

Opportunities: Where can your training in Medical Billing take you?

Healthcare facilities of all kinds depend on medical billing professionals, and that need will keep growing in the coming years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for health care services is expected to increase as the population ages, resulting in greater need for tests, treatments, and procedures. **

All of which means that more skilled professionals will be needed to help with administrative tasks. As the BLS notes, "Additional records, coupled with widespread use of electronic health records by all types of healthcare providers, should lead to an increased need for technicians to organize and manage the associated information in all areas of the healthcare industry."**

Skills and Training: How you'll prepare

As you earn your Medical Billing Associate degree at Brown College, you'll be working with expert instructors — many of whom have direct experience working in the healthcare industry — from hospitals and clinics to insurance and government offices. Our curriculum will provide you with hands-on training in a variety of areas, including medical office procedures, billing and reimbursement practices, electronic health record maintenance, medical terminology, and more.

The program includes a supervised externship, which allows you to gain valuable on-the-job experience by working at a physician's office, hospital, insurance company, or other healthcare industry setting.

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