Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice Program (AAS)

The Brown College Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is a program designed to provide students with a foundation in criminal justice theory and practice in preparation for entry-level careers. The focus is on preparing students with substantial knowledge of how the criminal justice system works on the local, state, and federal level with an understanding of the ever-changing nature of the industry.

Brown's AAS in Criminal Justice offers a curriculum that examines the three subsystems of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. It also focuses on the role human behavior plays on each of these subsystems. Graduates will be expected to:

  • Show theoretical knowledge, interpersonal communication techniques and practical skills necessary for entry-level positions in the criminal justice profession.
  • Establish introductory knowledge of the criminal justice field.
  • Inspire a sense of community awareness and social responsibility.
  • Exhibit knowledge of criminal justice related issues including professionalism and ethics.

    Courses in Brown's AAS in Criminal Justice focus on helping students evaluate how the administration of justice operates in American society and examine the perspectives from which solutions to problems may be concluded. Classes are led by instructors, many with professional experience in the field of criminal justice.

    • In Criminology, coursework emphasizes the need to understand the social causes of crime in order to be able to impact it. Topics of study include the issues of race and ethnicity, gender and social class.
    • In Case Work and Case Management, students will be exposed to issues such as the vulnerability of clientele, the intake and assessment process, goal setting and resource recommendations.
    • In Corrections, students can learn about the punishment phase of the criminal justice system. It offers a study of the vast collection of professionals, agencies and organizations that manages criminals and the significant challenges that they face in today’s society.

    Other core requirements in this program include:

    • Career Development
    • Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • Survival Skills for Criminal Justice
    • Careers in Criminal Justice
    • Victims in the Criminal Justice System
    • Public and Private Providers of Criminal Justice Services
    • Investigations
    • The Criminal Justice System
    • Communication in Criminal Justice
    • Probation and Parole
    • Constitutional Law
    • Capstone/Internship
    • College Success
    Course curriculum is subject to change.

    Prospective areas for entry-level career opportunities for students who successfully complete the Brown College AAS in Criminal Justice include:

    • Case Management
    • Transportation Security Administration
    • U.S. Customs and Border Control
    • Private Security Positions
    • Probation Officers
    • Social Services