Associate of Applied Science in Radio Broadcasting Program

If you'd like to use the power of your voice to reach people in their homes, at their workplaces, or during their daily commute, Brown College's industry-current Radio Broadcasting degree program can help you get there. It's designed to prepare you for an exciting career as a smart, tech-friendly, and business-savvy radio professional.

As you earn your Associate's Degree in Broadcasting at Brown College, you'll be working with expert instructors, and you'll gain hands-on experience by working with professional tools and equipment — from studio consoles to digital recording and editing software.

The Associate of Applied Science in Radio Broadcasting degree program at Brown College is engineered to provide you with a thorough understanding of today's fast-changing radio broadcast industry — preparing you with the communication skills, technical knowledge, and business insight necessary to succeed.

Graduates will be expected to:

  • Write, produce, and perform commercials in a digital studio environment
  • Write accurate news copy using professional style
  • Understand key business aspects of broadcasting, including station management, sales, and marketing
  • Perfect your on-air delivery and vocal style
  • Put together a broadcast-ready radio program that fits within a structured format
  • Develop an understanding of the broadcast industry — past, present, and digital future

Courses in Brown's Radio Broadcasting degree program focus on helping students to develop the on-air presence and technical skills needed for success in the broadcast industry. Many of our instructors are experienced broadcast professionals.

Here's a look at some of the key coursework in the Broadcasting degree program:

  • In Digital Audio Production, you'll have the opportunity to write and produce original commercials using music beds and sound effects, recorded on digital production equipment.
  • In Small Market Radio, you'll have the opportunity to use your skills in announcing, commercial production, and digital editing while assembling a concise audition tape.
  • In Digital Media Management, you'll explore the World Wide Web from a broadcast perspective, using basic concepts of digital image creation to create a personal multipage, multi-layer website.

Other core requirements in this program include:

  • Radio Studio Operations
  • Radio Broadcast Advertising Sales
  • Radio Commercial Writing
  • Radio News Writing
  • Computerized Radio Studio
  • Journalism Law and Ethics

Once you've earned your Associate's Degree in Broadcasting from Brown College, some of the roles you'll be qualified to pursue might include:

  • Audio Production Professional
  • Newscaster
  • On-Air Talent
  • Producer
  • Radio Newscaster
  • Media Sales Account Executive
  • Sports Play-By-Play Announcer and Reporter
  • Digital Content Creator
  • New Media Producer
  • Programming Director
  • ...and more!