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The Top 3 Qualities Of Effective Managers

September 26, 2013 General 0 Comments

Top Qualities Of Effective ManagersManagement is complicated. Besides having their own workloads and responsibilities, managers are charged with leading their teams successfully. They build interpersonal relationships, create strategies, help and mentor employees, and unify the team.

Managers have to develop a variety of skills. But which ones are most important?

Here’s our take on the top 3 qualities of effective managers.


Forging a good relationship relies on trust. Trust is what defines friendship, and this definition also applies to employee-manager relationships.

And trust is crucial because it’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. “In the end, it is the level of trust you have with your manager that makes or breaks the team, your performance and the developmental journey within the organization you serve,” says Glenn Llopis, a contributor to


But trust takes time to develop, and it requires you to work on other qualities as well. As Roman Stanek, the CEO of GoodData, explains in an interview, “A big part of my leadership approach is about confidence, and confidence comes from understanding.” Confidence leads to trust, while understanding leads to confidence.

“If you have a deep understanding of the industry you’re in, and of the problem you are solving, and you are ahead of everybody else in your space, then you can give your team the confidence to trust you,” Stanek says. This reveals another important point: that managers need to keep up to date on their industries and continue learning to maintain their roles as experts and leaders.

Stanek continues by explaining that communication is key to conveying your confidence as well as your expertise. Managers have to communicate their knowledge to validate their confidence and eventually build trust.

Sharing and Vulnerability

Communication, communication, communication – everyone knows that it’s an important skill that everyone needs for just about every field. But truly honest and effective communication relies on two things: sharing and vulnerability.

In his article about modern management, Jacob Morgan says that vulnerability “goes hand in hand with being open and transparent.” To him, vulnerability is being who you really are. This instills in managers a vital sense of honesty and integrity. It relates to Morgan’s point about sharing, or giving employees access to all of the information they need rather than keeping things from them.

Trust, confidence, vulnerability and sharing allow managers to form genuine connections with employees. This allows the whole team to work together to achieve their goals, promoting positive attitudes, job satisfaction and productivity.


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