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3 Ways Businesses Use Multimedia Today

October 10, 2013 General 0 Comments

Ways Businesses Use MultimediaSince the advent of the Internet Age, multimedia opportunities and technologies for their use by businesses have more than doubled. It’s an exciting time to be a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, website designer, and even audio technician as more and more companies embrace the Internet and the various media opportunities that the World Wide Web offers.

Besides those modern opportunities, traditional business multimedia use continues to be important as well. Ad designs for magazines and other publications, striking logo creations for business cards and e-signatures, even booth designs for trade shows require a multimedia approach to communicating ideas and brands visually while managing those projects effectively.

Below are three uses of multimedia by businesses that you may or may not have considered before in this inter-disciplinary field of study. The synergistic effect of all these practices together can make for a very potent advertising, educational, marketing or branding campaign.

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint has become de riguer in the work place due to its ease of use and simple system for creating the actual slides. With Powerpoint, images taken from the Web or from personal cameras can be merged with text and some graphic design essentials to create striking presentation that can be used in-house, with clients, or as presentations that are downloadable from the Internet. Due to its remarkably simple interface system, almost anyone can make a professional looking Powerpoint presentation that can convey information easily, and the inclusion of charts and graphs as well as multiple fonts and sizes to choose from for text makes it possible to make very original presentations. Multimedia skills necessary for Powerpoint presentations include graphic design, color coordination, photography, content generation and more. Good Powerpoint presentations can also be uploaded to company websites for view by site visitors.

Website Design

Speaking of websites, the largest growth in multimedia use over the past decade or so has been within website development. Internet marketing, website hosting and the coding of websites are all big business these days and they grew out of the proliferation of websites for business and for pleasure. Website design – seamlessly meshing content, images, logos, audio and video files with site navigation, is also big business, especially since businesses want the best-looking sites that reflect their essential core and character. Managing the website design project, creating appropriate art, selecting colors for the website, working with the coding developers, laying out the site, incorporating responsive design elements and more are all skills necessary for successful website design and as long as there are businesses new to the market place, there will always be the need for website design expertise.

On-Demand Video

Only those who have led the most sheltered of lives are unaware of the huge and growing media empire that is YouTube, now owned by Google. This video sharing platform offers everything from band videos and avant-garde art film clips to cartoons, commercials, documentaries and TV programs from other eras. Using YouTube for business purposes is part of Internet marketing – creating a company channel and posting videos of company products, services, news events. These videos both on YouTube and located on the business website increase the time viewers stay on the website and act as additional information resources on YouTube for searchers there. Skills needed for producing videos include camera work, editing, sound editing and computer digital graphics. All these skills can be developed in multimedia degree programs for students who are eager to learn such skills for work in various industries or for advertising and marketing firms.

There are other multimedia uses for businesses large and small these days – we have not even addressed responsive website design, mobile web design, webinar production, etc. Multimedia offers a great many disciplines for talented individuals.

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