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The Influence of Visual Communication

December 18, 2013 General 0 Comments

The Influence of Visual Communication Visual communication and graphic design professionals create the visual messages that are designed to stimulate the buying public’s interest, and are a ubiquitous component of any marketing effort. The images crafted by these artists are used for branding, publishing, advertising, packaging and more.

Graphic designers can play an instrumental role in influencing the buying patterns of the consuming public. Those who pursue a path in the field of graphic communications are fully grounded in the basic elements of the industry from the subtle interplay of light, colors and shapes to having a firm grasp of design and cognitive theories.

Getting the Message Out There

The art of visual communication is transmitted through graphs, pictures, charts, signs, signals, and symbols. For those people finding themselves with little time in this fast-paced world, a brief visual glimpse is all that time affords the average person to absorb a marketing message. As such, graphic designers are the professionals who are tasked with delivering that message through visual communication.

Paying Tribute to History

As a nation that appreciates dipping back in time through retro fashions and period television shows, the use of historical perspective is a powerful tool in the delivery of information to the public. Whether you’re trying to understand the current state of affairs in the world, or attempting to appreciate the ever-evolving look of a corporate logo, having a firm historical perspective is essential to delivering a cogent message of change and evolution.

Connecting the past to the present through visual communication is an effective way to engage the buying public, and graphic artists are the talented professionals who do this on a daily basis.


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