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6 Networking and Resume Tips for Medical

December 20, 2013 General, Health Care 0 Comments

6 Networking and Resume Tips for Medical Assistants In this tight economy, a quality network and well-written resume are crucial to finding opportunities in your field. However, most individuals don't discover the importance of these skills until months after completing their academic program. Below are essential steps medical assistants can take to build their network and resume.


1. Professors are often the basis for the medical assistant's network. Medical assistant instructors generally have experience in the field, and in some cases continue to build this experience while teaching a course. Students could build rapport with their professors by asking useful questions about the industry and conducting informational interviews.

2. Any individual in the healthcare industry could be a possibility to expand a personal network. Medical assistants work in a variety of offices and settings, therefore a medical assistant might want to connect with other nurses and doctors in addition to other medical assistants.

3. Conferences, such as the one hosted by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) could offer ample opportunity to network. The AAMA conference has been held annually for over 50 years. This year more than 600 medical assistants attended the conference.


1. recommends that medical assistants highlight both administrative and patient care skills on their resume. Both managing office duties including phones and paperwork and also conversing with patients could be a part of a medical assistant's duties.

2. The American Association of Medical Assistants suggests that employers hire certified medical assistants. In order to ensure the medical assistant certification is seen by an individual reading a resume, it could be placed at the top of the resume for emphasis.

3. The Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Programs lists a set of skills and duties of medical assistants. This list could be a source of inspiration to check for common duties and skills of medical assistants that have been used in a previous position and could be presented on a resume.

For medical assistants who are unsure of how to build their network or create a resume, the above 6 tips could be inspiration for where to start. It's not a requirement to finish a degree program before beginning to build a resume or network.


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