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3 Benefits Of The Medical Assistant Field

August 29, 2013 General 0 Comments

Benefits Of The Medical Assistant FieldLooking for challenging and rewarding opportunities in the healthcare field?

You might be interested in the role of a medical assistant. Medical assistants are responsible for working with patients. They take patient historiers, measure vital signs, give injections and prepare blood for laboratory tests. They can also help physicians during examinations.

Medical assisting is an exciting field. Learn more about the advantages that medical assistants have in the healthcare world today.

1. New Opportunities

The healthcare industry will grow much faster than average from 2010 to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Medical assistants can help physicians by taking care of administrative and clinical duties, allowing the physicians to serve more patients. Thanks to this growth, medical assistants could have a lot of opportunities in healthcare during the next decade. 

2. A Versatile Environment

Medical assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks depending on the healthcare facility where they work. For example, the duties required at a private office will differ from those required at a hospital. The types of activities are also diverse. Medical Assistants can do clinical tasks, which involve direct patient care in a medical setting, or administrative tasks, which are handled on the office side of a healthcare facility.

In a medical assistant program, students have the opportunity to study many different topics. They can learn how to:

  • Obtain and record medical histories
  • Take vital signs, draw blood and more
  • Conduct diagnostic tests
  • Adhere to medical law and ethics
  • Process insurance claims
  • Perform clerical tasks and bookkeeping procedures
  • Prepare patients and exam rooms for exams
  • And more

These skills can prepare medical systems to pursue roles in podiatry, ophthalmology, oncology and more.

3. A Rewarding Path

Medical assistants get to spend their time helping other people. By working with physicians and other staff members, the work environment operates more efficiently and offers better care to their patients.

In medical assisting, professionals continually work to better the lives of others. Every day they have the chance to make an impact on someone’s life. The role of a medical assistant can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Interested in more information? Learn more about the Medical Assisting program at Brown College.


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