First-Time College Student Admissions Process

Students wishing to attend Brown College should apply for admissions as soon as possible in order to be accepted for a specific program and starting date.

The following items must be completed at the time of application:

  • Application for Admission
  • Application Fee*
  • Entrance Exam (see “Selective Admissions Criteria” in the catalog)
  • Enrollment Agreement (if applicant is under 18 years of age, it must also be signed by parent or guardian)
  • General Student Disclosure
  • Programmatic Disclosure
  • Financial aid forms (if applicant wishes to apply for financial aid)
  • Satisfactory personal interview

The following items must be completed prior to the end of the initial add/drop period:

  • Copy of High School diploma (or official high school transcript showing graduation date, copy of General Education Diploma (GED) or other official acceptable proof of graduation from a valid institution providing secondary or post-secondary education, or the equivalent of such graduation). A valid institution is one that is recognized as a provider of education by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Background Check

* Payment of the Application Fee during the enrollment process may be waived for students reentering Brown College within less than 364 days of having withdrawn, graduates of Brown College, and recipients of financial assistance from agencies that cover the fee for students. Third party funding must be verified in order for the up-front payment of the Application Fee to be waived. Admission to any one program does not automatically qualify a student for admission into any other program. If a student wishes to apply to another program in the future, the individual must independently meet all the requirements for that program at the time of the future enrollment. The student will also be subject to all selection procedures in place for admittance into the other program. Admittance into the other program is not guaranteed.

To learn more about Brown College, our degree programs or how to apply for admission, please contact us for more information.